Design Resource was founded in 2010 by Cynthia Bee.  After a number of years in the landscape and land use industry, Cynthia noticed that most business models for the landscape industry were based on the norms for other places.  Utah is unique!  Home to many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) self-sufficient folks (including Cynthia who recently drywalled her own basement). 

However, learning how to design and implement a regionally-specific landscape and understanding the complexities involved is NOT a quick DIY project.  The smartest part of doing it yourself- is knowing when you shouldn’t! Design Resource fills in the gaps and enables clients to self-contract their landscape while still achieveing high-end results.

Cynthia Bee
Cynthia graduated from Utah State University in 1994 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and a minor in Horticulture.  She has worked on large-scale regional projects in Utah and Oregon as well as residential design + build.  After several years of hands-on work with a local landscape construction firm, Cynthia was prepared to teach homeowners how they could obtain excellent results by taking an active role in their landscape project- with and/or without the assistance of a landscape contractor.

Design Resource maintains strong ties to the community through volunteer projects and the donation of time and expertise.  In 2005, that meant visioning and leading the effort to build the largest playground in the State in 10 days using the labor of 6,000 volunteers and several hundred thousand dollars painstaking raised from businesses in the community.  While we continue to donate time to worthy projects each season- we’ll never take on one that big again!

Cynthia enjoys opportunities to share her knowledge and passion for plants through public classes and children’s education.  Design Resource was founded to fill the gaps between traditional landscape design + build firms and the realities that most families experience.  Clients who are willing to learn are our favorites as we know greater long-term satisfaction is achieved when clients understand how their landscape goes together and are prepared to manage it over time.

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