Lewis Residence, Cottonwood Heights

Greatest Assets:  The home has a fabulous with a commanding view of the Salt Lake Valley. 

Greatest Challenges:  The reason the home has a wonderful view is that the lot drops off a an incredibly steep rate in the backyard.  The hillside is also a HUGE fire risk- especially given the non-native invasive plants that have taken it over.

The Lewis Family had completed a total remodel and expansion of their existing residence, turning a modest 1970′s era rambler into a gorgeous new Craftsman style home.  The design of the landscape reflects that style through the careful use of texture, stone and Japanese-influenced accents, all are hallmarks of Craftsman-style landscapes.

The Lewis Family opted for a full-service site design as the details for the property were somewhat daunting.  The hillside is not only steep but also largely sandy soil- creating the potential for serious structural problems.  To help prevent sloughing, the ‘lawn’ in the rear yard will be artificial turf so that no water will need to be applied. 

Hillside drops off dramatically- the rear property line is 50 feet below the flat portion of the rear yard.

Extensive decking is planned for the hillside to make use of space that is otherwise wasted.  The water feature in this area was designed to protect the decks in the event of fire by providing at least a small firebreak.  Design Resource coordinated with the US Forest Service to ensure that the design and planned plant materials met the requirements of a ‘fire-resistant’ landscape.  Irrigation systems are designed with special zones that can be turned on if there is a threat of fire.  The Lewis Family will implement the design changes over time as their budget allows.  A complete phasing plan and landscape maintenance manual will help ensure they enjoy a seemless transition from phase to phase.

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