Walker Lane Estate

The owners of this new gated estate property have created, literally, one of the most stunning homes I’ve had to opportunity to admire from the inside out.  Each detail of the interior was of the finest materials available and my clients had spent years planning out each and every detail of this 12,000 sq.ft. residence. 

Project Budget: “Whatever makes my wife happy.” 

Design Style: Italianate Formal

Landscape Contractor: Utah Turf and Landscape

Greatest Assets: The home is in a beautiful setting. The travertine stone exterior and detailing made a beautiful setting for the gardens.

Greatest Challenges: Before I was hired, a boulder retaining wall was constructed.  I would not have advised this as it does not fit well with the landscape style and it occupied A LOT of very expensive real estate.  I attempted to turn it into an asset by making it a ‘grotto’ (a popular visual feature of Italianate Villa Gardens).  Over time, the vegetation will soften the effect. 

I will admit to having been a bit intimidated by this design! I needed to ensure that the quality and detailing of MY work was on-par with the rest of the estate. The “Old World Villa” style of the home needed a mediterranian landscape to match- but one that utilized Utah-happy plants to achieve it.  Fortunately, the homeowners were thrilled with the plans we ultimately devised together and the landscaper was meticulous about following the plans (which doesn’t always happen).

This landscape was installed 2 years ago and has now filled in.  We are having it professionally photographed this spring.  Check back for the after shots!

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