Upper Avenues/ University

Design Services:  

Sketch Plan/ Personal Shopping Services/ Plant Layout on Site  

Landscape Contractor: Sean Jones, Solscapes Landscaping  

Greatest Assets: The project came about as a result of a major renovation of an existing Upper Avenues home.  The project had some beautiful mature trees and a few worthy shrubs which provided the look of ‘instant maturity’.  

Greatest Challenge: The home sits on a VERY steep hill which created some VERY steep landscape grades.  We resolved the issue by using drip irrigation and waterwise plants on the slopes with lusher plants located at the top of the hill near the home.  


Steep Grade of Front Landscape

East Walkway- Designed to be fully wheelchair accessible.

View of Existing Plantings on Front Walk






Dry river bed is both decorative and functional as it helps retain the steep grades. Plants will cover over much of the rock over time.

Color-rich new foliage in the lush walkway garden

A weeping spruce cascades down the steep slope (complete with wooden stake! ACK!)

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